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Public Partnerships

Onward works closely with our
public partners to ensure:

Faster Speeds

Affordable Pricing



Working closely with our public partners, Onward develops marketing strategies tailored to the individual communities we serve. By focusing on each city's unique needs, we create custom plans to generate awareness and build trust - all while ensuring return on investment.


Onward is proud to partner with cities across the state of California - including Ontario, Culver City, Rancho 
Cucamonga, and Vallejo - to bring residents widespread
access to fast, reliable Internet.

Our broadband networks span over 20 jurisdictions and 3,000 miles of fiber-optic cable - servicing 3,300+ direct subscribers and thousands more through our open access networks.

Along with federal, state, and local governments, our clients include global technology companies, such as AT&T, Frontier, PG&E, and Verizon.

Our Public Partners

City of Ontario

Onward has transformed Ontario's network into a win-win partnership with
revenue rising every year.

Onward entered a public-private partnership with the City of Ontario in 2015 to

manage its fiber-optic network. In just five years, we’ve transformed

the 50-mile city-owned network into a viable enterprise with sustainable

revenues that are rising every year.

Culver City

In 2020, Culver City selected Onward to design, construct, and cooperate an
expanded fiber-optic network leveraging existing city infrastructure. We will offer
competitively priced gigabit Internet for current and future businesses - sharing
revenues with the city to achieve a return on investment.

California Broadband Cooperative (CBC)

The Digital 395 open access network serves 36 communities, seven tribal
reservations, two military bases, 26,000 households, and 2,500 businesses.

At 583 miles, Digital 395 represents the largest California fiber infrastructure
project to date. Completed in 2014 to address a connectivity gab in the Eastern
Sierras, the open access network now serves 36 communities, seven tribal
reservations, two military bases, 26,000 households, and 2,500 business.
Onward manages the project for the California Broadband Cooperative (CBC). To
learn more, visit:

City of Rancho Cucamonga

Onward entered a public-private partnership with the City of Rancho Cucamonga

to initiate, operate, and manage a $15 million city-owned gigabit network in 2018.

Our sales team works with residents and businesses to bring new subscribers onto

the 75-mile fiber optic network and have achieved a 40% take rate. 

City of Vallejo

Onward's 1-gig entry into Vallejo disrupted the market and lowered the costs of
doing business in the city.

In 2017, Onward entered a public-private partnership with the City of Vallejo to
manage and cooperate its 35-mile fiber-optic traffic signal  network - providing
Internet and VoIP services for Institutions and businesses. We also designed and
built new infrastructure to expand the city's network, connected two POPs to Los
Angeles and Sacramento, and provided network access to an undeserved
business park.

Vandenberg Air Force Base

In 2017, Onward and our engineering partner, Praxis Associates, designed and
constructed a $2.5 million FTTH gigabit network for the housing at Vandenberg
Air Force Base, reaching more than 1,000 homes. We manage network sales and
operations, and have achieved a take rate of 85%.

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